In this photo Brian’s neck looks so fucking long


just like a turtle



sexual orientation: alone


You don’t choose the band member, the band member chooses you

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So, this jerk (me) decided to do this “follow forever” thing. I don’t follow many blogs but these are the ones I really like. Thanks for everything guys.You make my dash the best it can be. And also thanks for liking/reblogging my shitty stuff. I truly appreciate you all and your lovely existence.  You all are absolutely amazing! Special shoutout to Gabriele for helping me with the picture, you’re so fab ily <3 I love you all guys!

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omfg!! thank you ♡ this is my first follow anything everrrr! i can’t thank you enough!!!!!!

oasisss-land whispered: Do you know meaghan's full name? Or just second/last name

i dont, sorry :(

Jimmy picspam [1/3] requested by nightmare-lair


✩ For every sorrow there is a light from our st. James. 

Happy Thanksgiving!